Welcome to Profigreen

Professionals in green!

Profigreen is the specialist and supplier of the decorative greenmarket. At Profigreen we have a wide range of plants in our Cash and Carry, so you can retrieve them very easy and quickly. We do not limit ourselves to delivering plants, but we also guide our customers through complete projects: design, construction, delivery and aftercare. Quality is our top priority in everything we do. This is not only the case with our products, but also with our professionals that work every day with a lot of care to ensure the quality of our products. For the professional customer we are  the ideal partner as supplier of the decorative greenmarket.

Profigreen also works regularly in turn-key projects for individuals. Cooperating with a professional gardener, Profigreen takes care of your complete garden project. We advise, guide and deliver your plants and trees to create your dream garden.

Profigreen is centrally located in Belfeld near the Dutch-German border and in the heart of the Dutch motorway A73 and the German motorways A52 and A61.

About Us

Profigreen has over 30 years of experience in landscaping and the development of parks and exclusive gardens throughout Europe. Our clients are companies, landscaping contractors, local authorities and larger individual gardens. With our background in landscaping and arboriculture, we are the appropriate choice for large turn-key projects. You have a single point of contact and a team of leading specialists at your service. You can count on us for direct communication, spectacular designs and perfect completion.

We are specialized in larger sized plants, that give the impression that the project is realized years ago, right after the delivery.


  • Personal contact // if you call us, we will answer the phone personally
  • The best quality // Quality is our top priority
  • Durability // We work with environmentally friendly products only
  • Experience // We have a lot of experience in our field and we know the markets needs
  • Reliability // We do what we promise
  • Custom work // If you have a custom project… No problem at all!
Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask! +31 77 475 83 50